Finance with Flexiti

Sandy's has two great financing options to choose from!

6 months with no payments...

You do not have to make payments for 6 months on your furniture purchase! The 6 months begins from the day you take delivery of your new furniture. The best part…..there is no interest as long as you have paid your card off by the end of the 6 months!

12 months of equal payments...

You only make payments when you furniture is delivered and the first payment will be due within 30 days of your delivery. It’s easy to figure out your payment too…the amount financed is divided by 12 months to arrive at your equal monthly payments. The best part… there is no interest as long as you make each monthly payment!

Some of the fine print...

Applications for a Sandy’s Card can be done in store or online, approval only takes minutes!

With both of these plans you can pay your balance off at any time! Payments are easy with several options that include payment through online or telephone banking or payments made at your bank.

Once you have paid off your Sandy’s Card using one of the above plans you will be able to re-buy using your card!